Take a look at the seventh of 9 Fundamental CrossFit moves.

The Deadlift move builds strength in your legs, glutes, back, arms and core.

Once you have mastered the basic move, you can continue to challenge yourself by increasing the weight you lift. Your trainer will be able to guide you as to how much weight to add.

Here’s a demonstration of a Deadlift from James Hobart:

Keep these positioning tips in mind when performing a Push Jerk:

  1. Slightly wider than shoulder width stance
  2. Hands just outside of hips
  3. Full grip on the bar
  4. Shoulders slightly in front of bar
  5. Lumbar curve maintained
  6. Hips and shoulders rise at the same rate
  7. Bar moves over the middle of the foot
  8. Heels down
  9. Complete at full hip and knee extension

Performing your deadlifts correctly as part of your CrossFit training will propel your strength to incredible heights.

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